Rainbow Trout- Available June 8th-November 1st  Peak dry fly action is between June 8th-July 25th. Peak trophy fishing is August 1st-September 15th for sight fishing and September 25th-November 1st for 2 handed fishing

Steelhead-Available September 10th-December 15th  March 1st-May 15th Peak fall run fishing is September 15th-November 1st Peak Spring fishing is April 1st-May 15th

Arctic Char and Dolly Varden- Available year round Dry fly action between June 8th through July 25th. Peak trophy fishing between August 15th-October 15th

Arctic Grayling- Available year round Peak trophy fishing is August 1st-September 15th

King Salmon-Available June 20th-August 1st Peak fishing is July 1st-August 1st

Silver Salmon-Available July 20th-December 15th Peak fishing is August 15th-October 15th

Sockeye Salmon-Available June 8th-July 25th Peak fishing is June 25th-August 1st

Chum and Pink Salmon-Available June 15th-September 1st Peak fishing is July 15th-August 20th

Northern Pike- Available year round Peak fishing is June 15th-September 1st